Pesto Chicken Mushroom Sandwich Review  

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This week I went to Sharis Restaurant and tried something new that I have never tried at Sharis before. First when I sat down I wanted just something simple, like a soup and tea, but then when I found this beautiful description of a sandwich, I just had to try it out. It is one of the Shari’s Most Delicious Signature Sandwiches and it’s called Pesto Chicken Mushroom Melt Sandwich. This Particular Shari’s Sandwich consists of... Continue Reading...

Cloudberry Nutrients and Benefits  

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Did you know that there is a fruit that is very similar to Raspberry? This fruit is called Cloudberry and it usually has an amber or golden-yellow color when it is in Ripe stage. Also, ripe Cloudberries are soft, juicy, and have a tartish flavor. Other names that people use for Cloudberries are Bakeapple, Baked Apple Berry, Yellowberry, Salmonberry, and Binomial Name is Rubus Chamaemorus. In Russian Cloudberry is called морошка and pronounced as moroshka.

Finland has a coin that is two Euros and on one side of it there are some Cloudberries which were designed in 1988 by Raimo Heino. Cloudberries are mostly found in Northern areas and they can withstand very cold temperatures that are below 40 degrees Celsius (which is 40 degrees Fahrenheit). People use Cloudberries for jams, juices, tarts, liqueurs, bread cheese, ice cream, waffles, and other unique deserts. Since Cloudberries have a Large amount of Vitamin C, some people use it as a protection against... Continue Reading...